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I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I have always loved Postino’s food, but after getting to know the many owners I was able to see a different side of their restaurant. Postino’s owners have a history of repurposing old buildings within the community, as well as using local artists, and craftsman to furnish their restaurant. I admire their philosophy, they are certainly a creative bunch.


Postino’s detail oriented Project Director, Leslie Statt, shows off one of Postino’s bruschetta boards, fresh from the kitchen. 


Part of Postino’s Bruschetta board, their popular fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil along side a seasonal bruschetta made with bri, garnished with basil, roasted zucchini, squash, red peppers, corn, asparagus, and lemon zest.  



Craig DeMarco and Lauren Bailey hold up album art from their favorite local Tempe bands in the 80’s, Gin Blossoms and Dead Hot Workshop, who use to play regularly at Long Wong’s. Postino’s has a strong relationship with the community and local business, featuring art and furnishings from local artists and businesses. 



Postino’s newest location features a nostalgic polaroid wall, an ongoing documentation of guests and happenings, created by owners Lauren Bailey and Kris DeMarco. Bailey says that a lot of their ingenuitive ideas come from the phrase “wouldn’t it be cool if…” 

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Space 55 in downtown Phoenix hosts the first PHIL Talk, Phoenix Has Ideas LIVE, a comical parody of TED Talks. Comedian and actor Rebecca Brosnan performs “I DO: 3 Simple Steps to Happily Ever After”, an informational speech on coning men into marriage to prove their hidden potential for love.


Space 55 in downtown Phoenix hosts the first PHIL Talk, Phoenix Has Ideas LIVE, a parody of TED Talks. Toni Jourdan performs “You Can Do Anything”, a motivational speech that convinces listeners they are capable of anything even if it costs their lives.

Mark Klett

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This past week I had the fantastic opportunity to see Mark Klett’s studio, in his Tempe home. The studio is a single open room, probably about 20 feet by 40 feet, quite large! This studio serves as his digital studio, and features ample space for hanging, and working with large prints.

What interests me most, however, is Mark’s camera. This camera is an updated version of a view camera or large format camera. Technically it is only medium format, since the Mamiya Leaf sensor is 6x9cm however the back is able to rise and fall, and the front is able to tilt. Technology offers artists a panoply of tools, that will only expand. Klett is certainly a pioneer in this regard, it will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next few years