Street Photography

2014_07_05_VE6_ManhattanBeach_1_22 copyINSTAGAY

Taken on Manhattan Beach in LA. Nikonos-V and Fujifilm Velvia.



Landscape Photography

2014_07_03_35tiE6_Tests_1_02 copy INSTGAY copy

This is an image of a haboob from my backyard, taken with a Nikon 35ti with Fujifilm Velvia. Quite the colors, lens is very sharp! If you live in Arizona you are very familiar with these giant walls of dust! Typically experience a handful of them a year between June and September




Wildlife Photography

Photo Jul 24, 10 27 59 AM

A gas station attendant was chatting with me before I left for Chichen Itza. Jose, the attendant, was telling me about a beautiful bird named Toh, that had a tail that swung back and forth like a clock. Later that day I ended up finding the bird Jose had described, known in english as the Turquoise-browed motmot. Looking at some fujichrome through a lupe.

Landscape Photography

Woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise over the ocean, didn’t get exactly what I wanted but it was still very beautiful! When I first arrived on the beach it didn’t even cross my mind that I couldn’t watch the sunset over the Atlantic! Tulum, Mexico.

Photo Gear

Photo Jul 12, 4 00 58 PM

For the past week I’ve been a trip in the Yucatán! Been too busy to update my main blog, but I still frequently post on my instagram. Traveling light, some might disagree (I define this based on whether or not I’m hauling around my 120 Mamiya). All film and all Nikon! The Nikon F6, 35ti, Nikonos V, and the superb 70-200 VR II and 24-70 with nano-coating. I found myself using the F6 and 70-200mm with the 35mm 35ti in my pocket, fantastic combination! If I needed anything wider than 35mm, I could just bust out the 24-70mm, which is quite the clunker. Fantastic lens and coating, got it originally to fight glare while shooting basketball, but I don’t recommend it for anyone but dedicated professionals. Feels nearly as heavy as the 70-200!