Street Photography

photo 1

Very excited to print this the other day. 120 on fibre, taken at the Louvre in Paris.


Protect your

equipment! Today I made a foolish mistake and ended up dropping my camera bag. Thankfully, what could have been a 19 hundred dollar mistake was only a hundred dollar mistake. *whew* 

photoUse a UV filter to protect your lens, a lens cap doesn’t offer protection under impact. Of course, you don’t want to degrade image quality, the more filters and glass you add the worse quality becomes. With that said the trade off is a single UV filter can make the difference between a functional lens and a heap of metal and glass. Different lens require different filters, and I suggest buying the highest quality. Nikons lineup works best with B+W filters. I’ve found B+W UV filters to be exceptional quality, and superb glass, not too expensive either!