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I was incredibly impressed by all of the performances! Especially Devon Martinez. Even though I am unable to understand Chinese, I was still able to appreciate the celebration from a cultural standpoint. ASU’s annual Chinese New Years Celebration is perfect for anyone interested in speaking the language. It is paramount to surround yourself with a foreign language to learn it!

There were plenty of wonderful and sweet individuals I was able to speak with at the celebration, including the director, Madeline K. Spring


Chinese calligraphy and other art is displayed at ASU’s annual Chinese New Years Celebration on February 14th. The celebration brings Chinese speakers together, both students and teachers alike.


Students and teachers attempt to solve riddles in Chinese at ASU’s annual Chines New Years Celebration on February 14th at the Memorial Union.


Devon Martinez, a second year Chinese language student, sings “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen in Chinese. She is accompanied by guitarist and student, Joshua Gonzales. Students and teachers alike gather at ASU’s annual Chinese New Years Celebration that is directed by Madeline Spring.



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I had a lot of fun going to this game and using my relatively new lens. It was a very good test of speed, clarity/sharpness, and autofocus accuracy/speed for my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII. I’ve never been a fan of continuous tracking but I have come around. Part of it is learning how the program works to use it to your advantage, nothing is more upsetting than a great action shot that is out of focus. Some lens are certainly better than others, my 35-70 mm AF-Nikkor, that is a few decades old, has trouble using continuous focus. I am very impressed by Nikon’s newest 70-200. Check out the rest of the images below, they were minimally edited with curves. All were shot  around 1/8000 f2.8, ISO 400, which is the fattest shutter (and aperture) speeds my camera can handle. (Nikon D300s DX format)

DSC_3577 DSC_3657 DSC_3658 DSC_3722  DSC_3786 DSC_3831 DSC_3844 DSC_3949 DSC_3964 DSC_4090 DSC_4203 DSC_4210 DSC_4368

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I feel very fortunate to have met Kruass! He is certainly one of the most important minds of the century, and has contributed greatly to theoretical physics and dark matter. According to wikipedia, about a fourth of our universe is made of dark matter. Dark matter neither emits nor absorbs light or any electromagnetic radiation. Photography very literally means ‘light drawing’, imagine trying to photograph dark matter? There are ways to observe it! As an artist, this is why I have chosen photography as my medium: it’s a science! There’s math and physics and chemistry involved, especially doing silver or alternative process.


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France Scully & Mark Osterman


On Thursday, February 6th, I went to Tilt Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale to see the work of France Scully and Mark Osterman. Above is an image that the couple created in an old box camera using a paper negative. The negative was then digitally scanned and expanded, as well as a tint introduced. The tint is reminiscent of Talbots calotypes and work experimenting with different chemical dyes. I found the grainy and soft focus mesmerizing, the prints were very large, more than few feet in either direction. 

I was also fortunate to meet France Scully Osterman. She was very sweet, we talked for a brief moment and she answered a few questions. She talked to me about Mark’s wet plates, they were not ordinary! They used ruby glass, a black glass, not un common. However they also used dyes to manually color the plate


The piece above is from “Sun Sketches at the Twilight of Photography” here is the link to the exhibit. And I was also able to see some pieces from “The Light at Lacock”.

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This was an interesting shoot! I enjoyed speaking with him, and oogling all his analog equipment. He’s also into one of my biggest fans, Karl Marx. His girlfriend furnished the house with Elliott Smith memorabilia so I fit right in.