Street Photography


This image was taken in Brussels, Belgium summer of ’13

Still working on scanning all the film from the summer. One trip took me to Guatemala & El Salvador (a second home for me), and the other trip took me to France, Netherlands, and Belgium. I have scanned color 120 for all trips, and after a few more rolls I will be done scanning all of the 35mm fuji chrome. I wish I could shoot color positives in 120, but it is just too costly to start! 

I am extremely well traveled for being 22 and I am finally developing and cultivating a home for my images I shoot abroad. Much of my work is grounded in landscape and new topographies but I have a love for the snap shot. Elliot Erwitt in particular is one of my absolute favorite and admired photographers. I was fortunate enough to see Elliot Erwitt: Personal Best at Tre Oci in Venice. It was by pure chance I discovered the exhibit and I still remember the visit. I have never cried in front of a photograph until I saw some of Erwitt’s prints.

His photographs provide a glimpse of the past and to a way of life. But In addition his images carry whimsical, humorous, and satirical messages. Which are things that aren’t very common in photography. It’s quite a shame, I think it has to do with ego and arrogance among photographers, but that means less competition for me! 




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