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I was very impressed by his talk, unfortunately it wasn’t long enough. Juan Jose Diaz Infante is gathering a group of artists and thinkers to create a satellite to use for artistic purposes, as well as the satelite in itself being the artistic vision. I paraphrase: “We created our worlds problems with our current thoughts, to fix these problems we need to start thinking differently than before. ” 


North Light

I am taking a class with Liz Allen, ASU’s director for the North Light Gallery on campus. The class focuses on how a gallery is ran, and in addition we have been looking through North Light’s collection. It has been very impressive! I feel extremely fortunate to be able to see all this art in such an intimate space. There isn’t even glass between myself and the prints! Last week I was able to see some Alfred Stieglitz nudes as well as some of Edward Steichens still lifes.

Yesterday Liz pulled out a portfolio by Weegee. From my photo history classes I think of Weegee as this sensational photographer that waited around for something tragic to happen to get a picture. Though some of this is true, and he did spend quite a bit of his time at police stations and crime scenes, I gained a better perspective seeing more of his work. Being born into poverty and living in poverty for a large part of his life, it is evident in his work. He condemns and prods the bourgeoisie and shows the character, as well as difficulties, of the lower class. His photography provides a glimpse into the past, and truly embodies the people of New York.

In many ways I can relate my own work,  documenting Central America, to Weegee’s work in New York. My father is from a small country in Central America, El Salvador, and we have been frequently visiting since I was born. Though conditions have greatly improved in past few decades, even as a child I was able to see the disparities between life in the United States and life in El Salvador. How can one have so much when others have so little? Poverty and the discrepancies between the elite and the lower class is a theme that I could never exhaust and is something I will continue to work on. Though I’m a business student, my heart is Marxist!

Below are some images from Weegee that are apart of the North Light collection, and if Liz or anyone else is reading this know that all of the images were found online and are not pictures I took of the collection. What impressed me the most was the detail Weegee is able to capture within the large format negative. The prints were also spectacular however they were not printed by Weegee, which I’m told is a good thing because he wasn’t the most skilled printer, or at least he didn’t care to be. Simply Add Boiling Water.Heatspell, 1938.  Children sleeping on the fire-escape.Crowd at Coney Island, 1940.Summer, The Lower East Side, 1937.Two Offenders in the Paddy Wagon.046_025_LBWLovers with 3-D glasses at the Palace Theatre (Infra-red), 1943.

Drinking on the job ;)

Got this today on assignment xD AZ Distilling Co came out with a new liquor, Desert Dry Gin that will be covered in the State Press. I was able to sample their gin and it was delicious! All their products are made with 100% AZ industry and agriculture!

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At a match against Boise State on Friday January 24th, ASU’s Ares Carpio, struggles to bring his opponent to the ground.


In a match against Boise State on Friday January 24th, Matt Kraus grabs his opponent by the leg before propelling him into the ground.