It is only with

a broken heart that I can speak of what I have been working on for the past two weeks. My dog, Clio, was diagnosed with cancer on the 11th of December.


Like any of those who have had a dog in their life, these animals truly become apart of the family and who we are. Yesterday, on Christmas eve, I made the decision to have her euthanized so as to minimize any pain and suffering. Though the past few weeks have been incredibly heavy, I have also been able to spend an absolutely wonderful amount of time, both in quantity and quality, with my dearest companion. Of course, being the artist I am, I have been compelled by my deepest emotions to document and create images surrounding Clio. Aside from the plethora of images I have been taking, I see at least one, maybe two bodies of work that will emerge. I am yet to sit down and truly deliberate on what is to be said however I can say this:   

In order to reflect upon the fleeting nature of life as well as the transient quality of time and moments we experience, I have selected two types of photographic mediums that share similar qualities. I have been working with wet plate collodion to create ambrotypes as well as shooting with polaroids. I choose these two methods because either medium creates a unique, individual, one of a kind image that is non-reproducible. Where as a digital negative or a film negative is intended to produce an unlimited amount of prints in quantity and variety, the ambrotype and the polaroid capture a single moment that cannot be reproduced, edited, nor altered. 

It has not been easy creating these images. At times it can truly feel like torture, it has and will continue to do so, yet simultaneously these feelings validate my actions and the importance and need in creating this work. I return to ASU for the spring semester in the middle of January and I hope to have something up whether it be work in progress posts or final bodies.  


Even with

the internet and having access to thousands of other artists and methods posted online, the most use full tool is a book written over 150 years ago. So silly. Directions need to be accompanied by reason and logic. Thank you Charles Hunt, the chemist! Here’s the book I found that is helping me varnish my wet plates correctly. 


Now that

the semester is over I can resume scanning negatives from the summer! This is a view of the E.U. HQ located in Brussels, Belgium. It’s funny, I didn’t get the first black mercedes benz right and it wasn’t till I finished advancing the film that the second one stopped right where I wanted.




Power Places


This is an image from a project I call Power Places, that I have been working on this past semester. Over this break I will be able to upload the project to my website along with the artist statement, however I am very excited to continue working on Power Places. One thing I have discovered is that clouds create a very interesting, and almost ephemeral effect when layered and merged with other photographs. I’m on to you Jerry Uelsmann!

My heritage

and hispanic background have always been a large part of my identity. Recently I have been working on a project that combines images I have taken from Central America and patterns that were made in the America’s centuries beforehand. Though the patterns mimic and take from Mayan patterns, they are still hand made in photoshop. Patterns have been very difficult to understand and create but I am eager to learn more.