Getting some time

to work on everything I took this summer! I’ve been working on getting all the Porta I shot in El Salvador and Guatemala scanned in so I can begin printing. I really fancy the film, the colors are strong but not too far out. Image


Music I’m listening to:

Right now, I can’t get enough 80’s. But more specifically I can’t get enough of 80’s dance music. For starters it’s worth mentioning that I have a very large background in music, and it’s always been a struggle of dominance in my life between music and photography. I have been playing music for over a decade and I have played a handful of different instruments. I am also a local DJ, (yes I’ve actually been paid to play) though it’s been on the back burner since summer began. I  consider myself a true connoisseur of music and at this point in my life I value my skill in understanding music more than I actually value the skill of physically playing music.

With that said back to the 80’s! What I love about 80’s dance music is that Chicago house hadn’t been around for too long, neither had hip-hop, and during this decade the two crossed paths. Artists such as Royal House, or Todd Terry are good examples of artists that fall between house and hip hop. I just love the sounds, the uplifting feel of poppy anthems, bright horns and pianos, funky bass lines, 303 synthesizers, Motown lyrics, and a more latin or african inspired set of percussion with a house structure and a hip-hop sampling style. Below are two great examples of 80’s dance anthems, the first one is from a popular reality tv show that I am sure is more recognizable. 


If you bothered to listen to the song I HIGHLY suggest watching the music video,

It’s hilarious but unfortunately they’ve disabled embing 

If I had the time…

I would spend more of it editing photos in the darkroom as well as digitally. It is difficult to find the time to spend in the darkroom when I have two studio art classes. It’s necessary to have a 2 or 4 hour break to work in the lab since set up and tear down takes a lot of effort, which makes it difficult to find time for it. I do get to spend time in the darkroom if I am working in that medium for the class however I still don’t have time to work on projects that aren’t for a grade. I also want to be shooting a lot more, however I am forever behind in editing which is the only reason it came first. I am just really excited to be working for myself and not having to satisfy requirements and deadlines, unless of course that happens to be a paying customer! There are so many other things in my life that I wish I had more time for, we all want more time, but for me photography comes first.


Lately I haven’t been able to get enough

of archery. I know, quite the hobby right? Not sure how it happened but my roommate and I both own a bow. He has a regular bow, a recurve bow, similar to what you’d see robin hood toting. My bow is a little more dangerous, it’s a crossbow! It shoots 250 feet per second! Below is a slow-mo video shot on my iphone, I believe it was shot at 120 frames per second.

Today I got some help

from Stephen Marc on my panorama. He explained to me that things don’t necessarily have to be so long as they just appear to be. Photography is described as one of the most surreal mediums because people want to believe it for reality, the problem is that it isn’t reality. I took these three photographs, that I stiched together today, during this past summer in Aravaipa Canyon near Globe, AZ.   


How I meet people:

Though I think of myself as a rather charismatic individual I am often reserved unless given a reason to be otherwise. I love sharing my thoughts and opinions but I can be choosey to whom I share with. I must admit that this isn’t always the best strategy, I know that I often miss out on meeting wonderful people or connecting because I don’t want to share or because I don’t have the courage to speak up. But I also stay out of a lot of conversations simply because I don’t want to be in one. However I am very friendly and out going in more formal social settings like if I’m introduced to someone, or invited to a dinner. I am extremely sociable when necessary but I must admit it takes more effort for me to turn it on which is probably part of the reason I’m often reluctant to turn it on. During high school and middle school I use to be prescribed large amounts of stimulants for my A.D.D. One side affect of the stimulants (at least for me) is social anxiety, I didn’t want to talk to people and I had a lot of difficult talking to people. As I have grown however I have been making a more conscious effort to communicate more and to be more interconnected with the people I encounter.