In fifteen years…

I see myself as an established 21st century artist. I will be 36 and I will be working with other artists whom are even more established as photographic visionaries of the 21st century. I will be traveling a large fraction of my time, which will be spent shooting images for National Geographic. The rest of my time aside from producing my own fine art will be spent running a public darkroom and public photography classes in my studio space. Most of my income will be from fine art and publications, with some income generated from the public darkroom and classes. The classes and public darkroom serves to keep alt process and traditional analog photography alive as well as engendering interest in the now archaic methods for future generations, maybe one day it can become a foundation or a museum. At this point I will be looking for a teaching position at the university level, if I attend grad school this may come sooner. Of course I will still be producing as a fine artist but I will be looking for a more stationary job from which I can start a family at this time. I will have published at least one book of photographs and I will have exhibited my work in prestigious museums such as MoMa in New York or the Art Institute of Chicago. Opposed to teaching I am also ready to use my computer information systems degree to land a job that involves technology and photography whether that be working with large companies such as Nikon or Adobe where I can use both my technical skills as a photographer and CIS major but as well utilize my creativity as a fine artist.


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