Been working

on uploading some more prints to my website you can see the rest of the images here

Albumen Prints_07

These images are part of a group of shots concerning ancient architecture in Rome. A handful of the images were done at night, such as the one above. The images were shot in 120 and the images were then scanned, and reprinted as negatives. Those negatives were then used to make an albumen contact print. The albumen process is a 19th century photography process in which a sheet of paper is coated with egg white that bonds with silver nitrate that is used as the light sensitive agent. The negative is then placed on top of the coated image in a contact frame, brought out side in the sun to expose, and then brought back inside to be developed and fixed. Unfortunately these guys don’t last too long, fixing the images less produced richer tones at the time, a few images that have been frequently exposed to light are already deteriorating. I must say this is one of my favorite alternative processes, mainly because of the rich detail albumen printing can create due to thin surface of egg white that rests atop of the paper.


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